My story...

     Hi I’m Madison McCarty: Innovator, creator and learning enthusiast. I’m a recent high school graduate, full of entrepreneurial spirit and anxious to dive into the workforce. I grew up in the beautiful suburbs of Chester County, PA and now live in the heart of central Pennsylvania, pursuing web design, social media management and more. I consider myself a free spirit with a mean work ethic. I love to travel, learn and create!



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The Internet Is Hiring


There are people who are able to travel the world just by having a large amount of Instagram followers, Youtuber’s making $10,000 a month by reviewing products or giving shoutouts, and self-made film producers selling their amateur documentaries to Netflix for a couple hundred thousand dollars. Maybe Employers aren’t hiring… but the internet sure is.

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Cool Gadgets On The Market

If you’re like most people, you sometimes have trouble falling asleep. Rather than turning to sleep medications or suffering through restless nights, turn to DowDow. DowDow is a device that scientifically helps you get to sleep faster and rest better...

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