My story...

     Hi I’m Madison McCarty: Innovator, creator and learning enthusiast. I’m a recent high school graduate, full of entrepreneurial spirit and anxious to dive into the workforce. I grew up in the beautiful suburbs of Chester County, PA and now live in the heart of central Pennsylvania, pursuing web design, social media management and more. I consider myself a free spirit with a mean work ethic. I love to travel, learn and create!



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Improving Mental Health and Practicing Self-Love


My seasonal depression was in full swing, and I could only dream of warm, sunny days, though they’re still months ahead. Don’t worry, this post isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, I haven’t been this happy in a long time. For anyone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, or their self-image, this post is for you...

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Blog Post Ideas To Cure Your Writers Block


I am on day 16 of my 30-day blog challenge and I see that a lot of my 30-day blogging comrades are having difficulty thinking of blog ideas (myself included). I’ve put together a list of blog ideas for any blogger dealing with the dreaded writer's block.

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