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     Hi I’m Madison McCarty: Innovator, creator and learning enthusiast. I’m a recent high school graduate, full of entrepreneurial spirit and anxious to dive into the workforce. I grew up in the beautiful suburbs of Chester County, PA and now live in the heart of central Pennsylvania, pursuing web design, social media management and more. I consider myself a free spirit with a mean work ethic. I love to travel, learn and create!



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Month 4 week 2 at BriteBee


Working at a start-up is nothing like I expected. I always pictured having to move across the country for a company. Doing the 9 to 5 in my high tech office with a couple of hundred co-workers. For some people, this is what their start-up looks like. But not at BriteBee.

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Life Lesson... You Can't Make Everyone Happy


Month 3 Week 4 at BriteBee

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