Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

       For the last few months, I have been running an online boutique to help raise money for local and global charities. I would buy wholesale jewelry and send it in individually customized packaging, with custom letters and profit around $18 per sale. Sounds pretty good right? WRONG. It was hard to keep a very big inventory and I was limited to jewelry. OH, and who has time to individually stamp necklaces, send packages, write customized letters WHILE managing the website, social media and customer happiness? While I was able to raise a decent amount of money, I should have known doing every aspect of the business myself would lead to a burnout. While I haven’t seen a sale in over a month due to a small inventory and limited posts on social media, I am hoping to revamp my boutique, make twice as much, while doing a quarter of the work. How am I going to do this? With the help of the Amazon affiliate program.
       By the end of the month, I will have tried my hardest and hopefully accomplished my goal of selling $300 worth of products using the Amazon affiliate program. This project will push me further towards my goal of becoming a marketing or sales employee at my future start of up company and hopefully show a potential business partner that I am self-starter, problem solver and value creator.
Weekly breakdown
Week 1: Prepping for sales
During my first week, I am going to need to make a lot of changes to my existing website and social media accounts including, changing the name, rebranding and getting the word out! I also will need to find inventory that I think would appeal to my existing clients and hopefully gain new ones. I will need to order some of the product to test the quality and do some modeling shots to promote on both the website and social media for the following week.
Weekly vlog explaining how my process gettings started was
Week 2 and 3: Sell! Sell! Sell!
Now that my website is ready, it is time to start promoting my new inventory on Facebook and Instagram and (hopefully) SELL! SELL! SELL! I will spend time targeting followers in the fashion niche, grow my Instagram account and post at least 3 times a day, (as I see my favorite boutique does) In these last two weeks I will need to push my products on social media using Facebook and Instagram ads
Start a fashion blog of Amazon outfits of the day, fall transition pieces etc. (more traffic to the website!)
Weekly vlog and updates on how sales are going, what I need to change, what strategies worked well and how to continue to boost sales.
        Given that I have no prior experience with the Amazon affiliate program, I am expecting my biggest challenge will be getting people to go through with sales. While it’s easy to put things in your shopping cart or on a wish list, my greatest triumph would be having people actually putting in those credit card numbers and purchasing the item due to my advertising. The most important asset I bring to this project is my style. I have an eye for fashion and quality and believe I have a pretty good understanding of consumer wants and how to market them.