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My 30-Day Blogging Experience


As I finish up my 30-day blogging experience, I want to take a moment to go over how valuable this last month has been, what I would recommend to others doing the same, and how I dealt with writer's block.

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Apple's Copywriting Formula


Today I’m going to be breaking down a piece of Apple’s copywriting describing the iPhone. Let’s Take a look...

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How Exercise May Improve Your Life


Ever heard of the runners high? Given that running is an intense exercise many runners experience a rush of joy after their workout as the endorphins are released into the brain...

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The Power Of Positivity


Good things come to positive people. In fact, that’s a scientific fact. As Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can do a thing or if you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

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Being A Part Of Something Bigger


The last few months, I have had the privilege of coaching Bloomsburg High School field hockey team. I’ve seen some of these girls grow athletically, mentally and push there bodies to the breaking point...

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