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My Favorite Photo Editing Apps


In the last few years I have tested over 20 different photo editing apps, yet only 3 remain on my phone. I’ve found that over the years I’ve had so many different apps that did exactly what I wanted them too, but why do I need to have 20 different apps to edit one photo? Luckily I've found everything I wanted in the following three apps:

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The Degree Inflation


There are more kids going to college than ever before making it more useless than ever.

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You probably hate feminism and I understand. Sincerely, a Feminist

It’s time to stop being victimized women and start being a capable people...

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Capitalizing on Current Market Trends


People want to see quality. It’s no secret that amazon is one of the cheapest buying options, but with that can come low-quality products. I want my followers to know that if I’m promoting the product on my website, I would wear and buy it myself… because well, I have!

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