Today is October 1st (A.K.A the first day of the best month of the year)! There is nothing like waking up to a crisp, 60 degree morning with leaves changing and fall festivities happening! While I love a good pumpkin spiced coffee and the cooler weather, my favorite part about fall is undoubtedly the fashion. While I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a fashionista, this year is especially unique now that I am running my own online fashion boutique. Keeping up with trends is more important than ever and fall fashion has never been so much fun!

     Last month I had decided to rebrand my previous online boutique “With Flowers Come Friends” to “Madison Boutique”. A boutique that once sold flowers seeds and jewelry, now selling a wide variety of amazon fashion. I spent the majority of last month rebranding my website, social media and making my followers aware of the change. While I did generate almost $30 in sales last week, I hope to quadruple that this month by capitalizing on top fashion trends and amazon best sellers.


What Steps am I Taking?

     This month is going to be all about sales and asking the question, “What will give someone that extra push to actually buy my products?”. After last month, I realized people don’t want to see pictures of models wearing the product with a poorly edited white background. People want to see real people wearing and testing the quality of the product. So I decided to do some testing myself. After ordering $250 worth of amazon fashion I had a friend help photograph me modeling the clothing. After posting a picture of me modeling a pair of jeans and it getting the highest post engagement I’ve seen thus far, this started to seem like a good idea.

     This month I’m making a series of youtube videos reviewing the quality of amazon clothing with my affiliate links in the description, as well as blogs, vlogs and will be much more active on my social media now that I have some good content to post.

What’s Trending?

      On amazon, you will find a filter option for “Best Sellers” or “Most Popular”. If this isn’t a great way to tell what people want, I don’t know what is. So why not capitalize on it? My next amazon order will be doing just that. By promoting products that are on the best sellers list, I know there is clearly a market for it. All I need, is people to buy it using my link/website. How am I going to do that? Like I said earlier, people want to see quality. It’s no secret that amazon is one of the cheapest buying options, but with that can come low quality products. I want my followers to know that if I’m promoting the product on my website, I would wear and buy it myself… because well, I have!