My Top Three Skills

Month 5 week 1 at BriteBee
This week at BriteBee, our company went through some major changes and so did my role…
On Monday our CEO gave a big announcement. Starting immediately, our company would split in two. This means that our developers would become their own company and the marketers would remain at BriteBee. On top of this change, our project manager quit the same day. This meant that I went from being at a company of 7 to a company of 3.
BriteBee now consists of our CEO, Marketing Director and me, as the social media manager. While my title remains the same it is due to change as my responsibilities have doubled and my pay has increased!
Raisin the Bar
After our team call, Keagan (CEO of BriteBee) asked me to remain on the call. He expressed his gratitude for my work and informed me I would be getting a raise and I would now be on a salary (salary? Wow I’m adulting!) Oh and did I mention I’m moving!?
Working from home is a very interesting concept, especially when you have never met your co-workers before. It feels like I know these people extremely well, yet I have never seen them face to face.
Working from home is a total luxury and I’m so thankful I get to do it. However, when you are working for a brand new startup company there is one thing that just doesn’t transfer over the internet and that is feeding off of each other's energy. Luckily that shouldn’t be an issue come August. After speaking with Keagan we both thought it would be a good idea for me to live in Oklahoma with the rest of the team for 3 months. I would be working with Keagan every day who is the company energizer bunny. I’m so excited to meet our team in person and work side by side with our CEO.
Big changes are coming and I can’t wait to be a part of it.