Cool Gadgets On The Market

  1. DowDow
If you’re like most people, you sometimes have trouble falling asleep. Rather than turning to sleep medications or suffering through restless nights, turn to DowDow. DowDow is a device that scientifically helps you get to sleep faster and rest better. On average, us humans breathe about 11 times per minute. However, when we sleep, our breathing slows to about 6 times per minute.
DowDow projects a pulsating halo of light on your bedroom ceiling. By staring at the light and breathing in when the halo glows and out as it fades, your breathing naturally slows and balances your nervous system. This makes falling asleep a breeze. Check it out here.
2.  PhotoStick Mobile
The idea of having a flash drive for a computer is a pretty basic concept. But why has no one thought to make one for our phones? With photos stealing our limited storage space, I’d love to have peace of mind knowing that if I ever want to look back at them they’re safely stored on a thumb drive and I can delete them from my phone. Luckily, PhotoStick Mobile knows what the people want!
3. The Jelly Tank
Yeah, goldfish are cool, but what about a tank of real live jellyfish? The Jelly Tank promotes a clear open water concept and safely inhabits jellyfish my providing a naturally moving tide within the tank so they can feed easily and live happily. Plus it looks awesome!
4. For You Lazy Dog lovers I Present - Wickedbone
Wickbone is a remote-controlled dog bone that you can move with your smartphone. Genius or stupidly lazy? Afterall who wouldn’t want to play with their beloved pooch?
5. Root The Coding Robot
Root: The Robot that teaches you how to code. From beginners to intermediate to semi-advanced, Root is problem-solving reimagined. Root teaches elementary to high school kids the basic and advanced side of coding.