Growing Revenue

Month 4 week 3 at BriteBee

It has been an interesting week. BriteBee has recently ended contracts with a few of our clients and we have been working hard to fill those spots and stay afloat. I spent a lot of time this week brainstorming ways to bring in more clients or create renewable resources and make some safety money for the company.


Here is what I worked on this week:


Content Packages:


On a day to day basis, I am solely in charge of creating social media content for our clients. Given that I’ve been working for BriteBee for four months, I have thousands of pieces of content just laying around. I wondered… How can we get the most out of this content and repurpose it? The answer is simple and has the potential to become a huge part of our business plan. By making simple edits on the content to make it universal, we can start selling this content for one flat fee. Insurance companies will come to our website and can purchase the content package of their choosing. Each package will contain 30 pieces of content and can be slightly customized by changing color to fit the agency’s brand and adding the agency’s logo.

50% Margins:


When BriteBee first got off the ground, we were overly generous with our time and resources. We were so grateful to the clients that took a chance on us we gave more time than we could afford. We were actually losing money on clients because we were giving them too much of our time. This week I put a lot of focusing on managing my time between clients so we can stick to a 50% profit margin.


This week’s struggles:


Working from home was particularly hard this week. There is a lot of construction going on in my home including my office. We had a huge storm that blew through town and lost power for two days. However, I think it was a hidden blessing. I was forced to work out of coffee shops for a few days which was actually very nice. I realized I need to get out of the house every once in a while just to change sceneries. I also noticed a boost in productivity and will definitely do it once a week!


Here’s to next week and kicking some ass!