Life Lesson: You Can't Make Everyone Happy

I used to think you should do anything to keep your clients happy. Go to the ends of the earth, say yes to everything. Do what you gotta do to keep them coming back. It was that kind of thinking that got me into trouble.

I have always been a total yes man. I said yes to everything and anything even if it meant working out of scope or putting in an extra 10 unpaid hours. I quickly learned that I couldn't continue to do this. I was letting clients walk all over me, going above and beyond for them and doing a bunch of work that was out of scope. Then when I would only do the work that was in their contract, it seemed like too little compared to what they used to get. (Even though they shouldn't have gotten that amount of attention in the first place.)

My biggest lesson this week was there is nothing wrong with saying no and you can't make every single client happy. We have gained a lot of clients since I joined the BriteBee team and we have lost a few. Now I understand that being happy with your clients is just as important as them being happy with you. Sometimes it just isn't a match and that's okay!