Prepping for sales - Madison Boutique

      This week's work was all about prepping for sales. First and foremost, I had to apply for the Amazon affiliate program and become an approved seller on Amazon. Once I had this taken care of, it was time to learn from a few master Amazon sellers. After watching countless videos introducing the program and how to actually produce sales, I realized that all of these 6 figure earning, Amazon selling ninjas had very similar marketing strategies. They all stuck to one specific niche. Some sold cameras, some sold jewelry, computers, strollers, you name it. I decided to use this opportunity to utilize my pre-existing experience with selling women’s fashion.

     A few months ago, I had decided to start my own online boutique. I had made a website, social media and even had nearly 30 ambassadors around the world. This started a small online shop that sold flowers seeds. It was a cheap way to let a friend know you love them. This is where I got the name “With Flowers Come Friends”. I later introduced a necklace that held the flower seeds and could be purchased in addition to the seeds. I found that people were wanting the necklaces more than the seeds themselves and just like that I went from being a garden shop to a women’s boutique selling only floral jewelry so I could keep the name. While the boutique did really well in its first month in business, it was A LOT of upkeep. This is where Amazon affiliate comes in. Being an Amazon affiliate, I am able to sell anything on Amazon. As a boutique owner, this expands my inventory and causes a need to change the name of my store, this way I am not limited to floral jewelry.


I’ve decided to change the name to Madison Boutique. Given this change, I have used this week to do a lot of rebranding. I had to completely change my website, design a new logo, and find a new domain. Of course, with this new website, brand and social media, I also spent this week researching and testing amazon products that will be sold on my site.


Given that I will be promoting these Amazon products, it’s important to me that what my customers get a quality product. This week I have searched for all new inventory and even ordered a few to see the quality for myself and to also model a few products to promote on the website and Facebook/Instagram pages. Using Amazon to fill orders and expand my inventory is the easiest and most low maintenance way to keep my boutique in business.

What’s in Store

This next week is when I see this project come to life. As of Sunday, September 16th, Madison Boutique will be live and hopefully start seeing sales roll in.

Here’s the marketing strategy and goals for this week:

  • Announce the rebranding of With Flowers Come Friends

  • Announce the new inventory

  • Post on social media 3 times a day

  • Do outfit try-ons on Instagram stories

  • Automate Instagram page to gain followers

  • Increase follower count