My amazon Associate Experience

My month long experience with the Amazon associate program

This month has been crazy! Though I didn’t reach my desired sales goal, I feel like I have come so far and gotten so much accomplished. At the beginning of my project, I had to learn an entirely new selling platform and how the amazon associate program worked. I used the first week of this month to learn just that. After watching hours of youtube videos and reading countless blogs from amazon associate success stories, I felt comfortable getting started.

The next week I had to totally rebrand my old business, “With Flowers Come Friends”  to “Madison Boutique”. I had revamped my website, social media, and made my current followers aware of my new name. This left me two weeks to try and generate sales.

For the last two weeks, I have relied mainly on my Instagram and Facebook page (@shopmadisonbtq) to generate sales… well, sale. I finished this week with selling $27 worth of Amazon fashion, earning me a whopping $2.70. Looking back I have learned so much particularly about digital marketing, but there is also so much I wish I would have done differently and things I still plan on doing this coming month, as I continue to pursue Madison Boutique and the amazon associate program.

Looking back on this month, the main thing I really needed was more time. I had underestimated how long it would take to turn around my website and get an understanding of the Amazon associated program. Had I already had my website up to date and had knowledge of the program prior to going into the month, I would have had two more weeks where I could have potentially gotten some sales. However, I have some big plans for this upcoming month!

After doing some testing on my Instagram, I noticed my post with the highest engagement was a photo of me modeling a pair of jeans I had listed for sale. This was different from the rest of my posts which were the images I had taken from the Amazon listed and promoted on my page (Normally just a girl wearing the clothes with a white background). I had a few girls comment that hey wanted to jeans or message me asking how they can buy them. That’s when I decided to start modeling some for clothes and open up my social media options.

I have recently ordered $250 worth of clothing on Amazon and plan to do a review video on YouTube with my affiliate links in the description. I know I have personally bought things from YouTubers using this same strategy. My goal is to get around 5,000 viewers. Likely, if these people are watching my video they are in the mood to buy. I’m hoping if I can get just 1% of my viewers to make one $30 purchase I can generate $1500 in sales for Amazon and $150 for myself. I also will continue to post the pictures on Instagram and even grab a few friends to help model and promote! While my goal for last month was overly ambitious, I am confident I have set myself up for success this month, with a lot more strategy and knowledge going forward.