Madison Boutique

Running a boutique had always been a dream of mine. I had begun an online boutique entitled, “With Flowers Come Friends” where I sold handcrafted floral jewelry. While business was going well, I couldn’t keep up with the required maintenance of the store all by myself. This led to the creation and rebranding of “Madison Boutique”, my Amazon Affiliate website where I would receive a 10% commission on all items sold through my affiliate links without having to handle any inventory, shipping or handling. I challenged myself to rebrand “With Flowers Come Friends”, redo my website/social media and learn an entirely new e-commerce platform in the span of 4 weeks. Check out my week by week blogs below to see how it turned out!

Madison's Magazine

Madison's Magazine is a free digital publication I release to express my professional and personal interests, to practice graphic design and communication skills. I love to interview young people doing awesome things and learn from people who have more experience than me. 

With Flowers Come Friends

A small business doing a lot of good.


MVP Clubhouse

How I got a brand new business off the ground...

       Located in small town Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, MVP Clubhouse is a well rounded sports center complete with world class training facilities and coaching. The idea of MVP Clubhouse had begun with 3 businessmen who came to me asking to create a complex website, to establishing their social media and overall, get them business by getting the word out. My first priority was to let as many people know about their business as soon as possible. This would mean introducing MVP Clubhouse to several social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I began to create appealing content to inform people of this up and coming business. After just my first post MVP Clubhouse had reached over 20,000 people, with 205 shares and gained hundreds of followers. I was quickly overwhelmed with messages asking about memberships, the grand opening and job opportunities. Following the social media, I had worked closely with owners, Mike, Dave and Don to not only get a website up and running but fill it with appealing content that created a feeling of intensity. In addition to these things, I spent a lot of time networking with well known, local and professional athletes who helped endorse the facility. MVP Clubhouse is now celebrating a successful first month in business and continues to grow everyday.

Hock Brothers Outdoors

     Hock Brothers Outdoors is about 4 brothers born and raised in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. I have been working closely with them to establish their personal brand, creating and managing their social media accounts and designing their website. My main purpose is to increase traffic to their Youtube channel and get them sponsored by hunting/fishing outfitters. To see the full story behind HBO check out my blog.




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McCarty Marketing and Design


     McCarty Marketing and Design is a business I have created to pursue my interest in graphic/web design, social media management and to continuously improve my portfolio and professionalism. I love helping peoples dreams of owning a business become their reality and being an instrumental part of building their clientel. McCarty Marketing has proven to be a great way to network with other small business owners and to grow my knowledge of digital marketing, business management and communication skills.



Web Design and Development

Head Shots and Photo Editing...



500 PX Photo Marketing

     Check out my photography marketing page here.