The Internet Is Hiring

There are thousands of internet success stories. I’m sure you can think of 5 off the top of your head. There are people who are able to travel the world just by having a large amount of Instagram followers, Youtuber’s making $10,000 a month by reviewing products or giving shoutouts, and self-made film producers selling their amateur documentaries to Netflix for a couple hundred thousand dollars. Maybe Employers aren’t hiring… but the internet sure is.
Ever heard of Justin Bieber? Yeah. Of course you have. What some people don’t know is he owes his entire career to a little thing called Youtube. After posting a series of him singing at age 12, he was noticed by the artist Usher who made this nobody Canadian into a star. Today, Bieber has a net worth of $265 million. While this is a story of huge success, let's take a look at a less obvious example.
If you have a Netflix account, I highly recommend you watch the documentary, “Expedition Happiness”. “Expedition Happiness” stars and is filmed by a couple from Europe who fly to the United States, buy a run-down bus and turn it into their home for the next nine months as they explore America. With the help of their canon camera and drone, this couple captures the most amazing and difficult parts of their adventure. After piecing together their clips, they sold their documentary to Netflix and other streaming services. So maybe you can’t give up your life for 9 months and go explore a new country. Here is an internet success story that anyone with an Amazon account and internet connection can aspire to be.
Just 7 years ago Megan Collins was a brand new mom figuring out what it’s like to take care of a child. After a miserable and complicated pregnancy, Collins didn’t find parenting to be a walk in the park either. Once she figured this whole mom thing out, Collins decided to start her own website with a blog entitled “Crib Notes”, where she would help new moms learn from her mistakes and maybe steal a laugh or two. She quickly got thousands of subscribers and started promoting and reviewing baby stuff through the Amazon affiliate program. She became so successful she started a website named after her daughter, Lucie’s List. Here she promoted her amazon affiliate links and gained commission on all of the sales bought through her links. By writing in-depth stroller reviews, Megan Collins has been able to bring in a 6 figure yearly income.
These are few of the thousands of ways the internet is hiring. With tools like Youtube, social media and affiliate programs the possibilities of the world wide web are endless!