For those of you who don't know, Theresa Caputo is a woman who claims to communicate with the dead. She supposedly has known about her gift since she was four years old. Theresa is a practicing Catholic and says her religious beliefs and her occupation don’t contradict one another. So, do her readings convince you? Check out this short clip from her hit show, Long Island Medium.

     As the viewer, we love seeing the little girl overjoyed thinking she’s reaching her father. It’s clear that this has brought some sort of emotional relief for the girl and we so badly want to believe it. After all, Theresa is pretty convincing. But there is still that skeptical side of me. I mean this is her own show after all, and the producers want to make her look good. They would never show a reading that went horribly wrong! Let’s take a look at a video where Theresa has no control over the edits and cuts. Here is a clip of Theresa’s private reading on the Ellen Show.

     When I watch shows like this, I don’t really know what to think. How did she know about the recipe written in another language, the ring hidden below the girl's neckline and the puttanesca sauce (I mean what even is that?). While this reading sounded pretty convincing, there are a lot of other interviews where Theresa can’t seem to get “spirit” to cooperate.

     Yikes, that’s a lot of strikeouts. I don’t know why, but I really find myself wanting to believe what Theresa does is legitimate. Whether you believe in the Long Island Medium or not, I suppose what Caputo is doing may actually be helping people find closure.