My Top Three Skills

Month 3, Week 1: The Power of Facebook Groups
How have I only been at BriteBee for 2 months? Then again, How has it already been 2 months? It's weird to think how fast the time has gone yet how much I have learned.

Here is this week's BriteBee Breakdown:

New realizations:
This week I really stepped outside of my comfort zone. It took me a while to realize, but I have a huge part in this company and the results and growth we produce. I got to thinking... How can I grow our social media following? What are other companies doing? How can we DO IT BETTER? What is really going to make an insurance agent think... "I need to partner with BriteBee"?

We have done a lot of video editing for our clients and done really well at keeping up a presence on their social media, but what about ours? Had I let BriteBee's social media fall to the back burner to put our clients first? Yes. But no more. After reading countless social media growth blogs, I found a little piece of gold. I realized the true power of not just Facebook, but Facebook groups.

Why are Facebook groups so powerful?
There is something about exclusion that makes something seem so worthwhile. When you want to join a Facebook group, there is an application process to be accepted into the group. When you are accepted, you feel like you are joined in a secret networking society.
How are we utilizing Facebook groups for BriteBee?

Here was my pitch to our CEO, Keagan...
We create a group exclusive to insurance agents. We market it as, "THE must-have marketing guide for insurance agents" where we post fun, valuable videos of marketing tips specifically for the insurance industry. If we promote this heavily while keeping this mission in mind it gives people an actual reason to want to join your group... because it is purely beneficial to them. No one wants to "like your page" where you are consistently posting promotional content that isn't valuable to them.

The plan:
After pitching this idea to our CEO. He was really excited to see me taking initiative in growing this company. He decided BriteBee to fly me down to Texas where he, Katherine (our marketing director) and I would film 6 months of a marketing video series. Not only will this be my first time on an airplane, but my first time meeting these people face to face. Working from home is funny that way. I feel like I know these people so well, yet I have never actually met them in person.